MegaMillions Checker Pro 4.0

MegaMillions Checker Pro 4.0



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Date Added:22 December, 2012

Author: Lottery Toolbox

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Need to manage more than 5 numbers? Need to manage your tickets? Run a Syndicate or Purchasing Service? with Mega Millions Number Checker Professional Edition, you can save and check up to 20 numbers with a few clicks of your mouse! This an ideal solution if you buy a large set of lottery tickets, manage a lottery pool, or a syndicate business that buys a large number of lottery tickets.

Mega Millions Checker Pro, is a lotto management software for people who play the Mega Millions lottery game and looking for a solution to track their numbers and winnings. If you play up to 20 tickets (20 sets of numbers) all the time, this software solution will make your life super easy!

Not only will Mega Millions Checker Pro check your tickets within seconds, it will also show the current jackpot information, as well as let you know which tickets were winners and calculate your total winnings on one convenient user friendly screen!

The program works from any location, so you can install on as many computers as you need, and use the same login to use the program.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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